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Linda Gilroy Calls For Fairness For Bingo

Labour & Cooperative Party Candidate for Plymouth Sutton & Devonport, Linda Gilroy, recently visited her local club, Gala Charles Cross. Ms Gilroy has previously shown her support for Bingo by signing the Bingo Bond and later blogged about her visit on her personal website -

“Earlier this week I visited Charles Cross Gala Bingo continuing my campaign for fairer taxes on Bingo. I met with the club’s manager, Ian Pritchard, and had a chance to see how new technology has changed the face of our bingo halls while still allowing players to enjoy a traditional game.

Following several campaigns, the Chancellor agreed to remove VAT from Bingo and, more recently, has agreed to reduce duty on the game from 22% to 20%.

While we have successfully campaigned to bring down the Bingo duty, the industry is still facing big challenges. From what I have seen Bingo clubs are seeking to explore a range of new and exciting ways in which people can play the game and get involved but we have to support them in this.

The tax on bingo is still 5% higher than in other parts of the gaming industry. If successfully re-elected you can certainly count on me to continue campaigning for a fairer Bingo tax!”

Linda Gilroy with Ian Pritchard at Gala Charles Cross

Linda Gilroy with Ian Pritchard at Gala Charles Cross


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