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Boost Bingo Brief

Why Boost Bingo

What is Boost Bingo about?

While most other gambling pursuits are taxed at 15%, bingo has been subjected to a rate of Gross Profits Tax (GPT) of 20%, despite being recognised as a soft form of gambling. Given that clubs, unlike other retailers, also pay VAT on the goods they buy, the equivalent rate applying to Bingo CLubs is over 32%, far more than the 20% that applies to the rest of the economy. This disproportionate rate of tax means that clubs have less funds to invest in new clubs and facilities, with bingo clubs currently closing at the rate of one per month, with more than 1,000 jobs lost since 2012.

So what is the solution?

If the Government acts now and treats bingo as other gambling activites, reducing GPT to 15%, then the decline could quickly be stopped.
By lowering GPT to 15%, The Treasury would give the bingo industry the funds it needs to invest in the business and help ensure that a key part of many communities remains The two largest Bingo Association members have already committed to £30 million of investment if GPT is reduced to 15%; enabling them to open brand new clubs, creating community facilities and much needed employment.